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Questions arising theory and kundli of Prashna

May 13, 2011

The way of asking question is the most essential information in building a chart and for this purpose one has to be careful in manipulating it. For all practical purposes, the time at which a question is communicated to the astrologer is the correct time. A question asked is just like a new born baby delivered. Let us take a case where a client thinks of a query at midnight on a Friday night, but is able to convey it to an astrologer only at nine  monday morning.

There is no collection of human thought which remains untouched by Prashna. It without any effort answers all questions concerning self, , siblings, children, disease, real estate, wealth, enemies and debts.In brief its major limitation is its range which is limited to the upcoming twelve months from the time the question is asked. The other limitation as mentioned above is its ability to answer only one accurate question.

Its  Kundali can determine the place of the third house and its lord and Mars. If the third house or its lord and Mars are in proper position then you will be courageous. Courage has the two faces, same as a coin, one is positive and other is negative.

We are illustrating two methods of Prashna kundali: first is ancient Vedic Astrology and the other one is modified Krishnamurthy method of Astrology. In the method of Krishnamurthy, ascendant is qualified on the basis of numbers from 1 to 249. The position of planets is evaluated because of the time of the question arise. The difference among both these methods are related to the placing of the ascendant. Parallely  the position of the ascendant in Vedic Astrology does not change, the position of the ascendant in the Krishnamurthy method is evaluated because of numbers from 1 to 249.

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  1. July 19, 2011 8:43 am

    Skillful blog.

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