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Vedic astrology definition relative to position of planets and star signs

May 19, 2011

Vedic astrology is a holistic science related to the heavenly bodies called planets. It is the study of the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars, and the skill of describing the expected effect that these are believed to have on the character and behavior of humans. Astrology is not limited to a fortune telling. It is one of the successfully tested methods for man to learn about whom he is, where he came from and where he is going. Astrology reveals nature, character, its weakness and potentials which make one’s destiny. The major uses of astrology are analysis of health and sickness, character psychoanalysis, professional and career guidance, education guidance for students, analysis of children’s horoscopes to give parents a better idea how best to raise their children, and analysis of the compatibility between people.

Vedic astrology does not show anything but tendencies. A man can dominates his stars by exerting his determination. We can say that ‘stars impel but does not compel’ .If a man decides to flow with the wave of life, then the tendencies showed in the birth chart\horoscope could be observed in that man. The saying ‘forewarns is forearmed’ perfectly fits for vedic astrology and being put on alert, a man is thus in a better position to cope with the struggles of life.

There are minimum three aspects which bring to us the mystic message of the stars – the houses, the signs and the planets. Each house represents a section of life; the signs are divisions of the zodiac which by their placement relative to the houses show our basic temperament and attitude towards life and the relative motion of the planets through the houses are the messengers of the god which brings to us the opportunities.

The period and transits of planets in vedic astrology provide us the details for fructification of the events. This is best for planning the future and optimizing the potential of the person.

A more interesting question is: will two persons born at the same time at the same place have the same future? Look at any twins (born within a minute or so) for example.The obvious answer is “not necessarily”. However, there are going to be some common patterns in their lives.

Planetary indications are probabilistic in nature. That probability model can be different for different people. A good astrologer studies the past of a person and makes a more intelligent assessment of the influences of various planets.

Some indications have a high likelihood and they will hold for almost all people born together (at the same place and at the same time). Some indications have a low likelihood and they may hold true only for some.

An interesting anecdote (from Professor B.V. Raman’s “Planetary Influences on Human Affairs”): In his book ” Astropsychology” published at Leipzig in nineteen hundred twenty eight K.E. Krafft drew up a list of  seventy two groups of two or three people who were born approximately the same hour, day and place, and invariably, they have died about the same age and in a similar manner (ranging from “bronchial inflammation” to “asphyxiation” to “pulmonary tuberculosis”). The data was obtained from civil registers of the towns of Basle and Geneva.

The basis of vedic astrology is based on the concept of rebirth principle. The accumulated karma (actions) of last birth is the major cause of circumstance of this birth. These circumstances can be improved by the karma of the present birth and by doing well karmas (actions) person can raise to higher level in coming birth.

Vedic astrology gives a holistic perspective of one’s current situation on dashas & offers remedies to help overcome troublesome times.Divine grace is available if one is open to grace.

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  1. July 19, 2011 8:44 am

    Its really interesting to read such a superb blog.

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