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“”Interrelation of Lalkitab aspect with Tajik links

May 30, 2011

The aspect in Gemini system does not have any connection with lalkitab.In my view aspects in Tajik system matches with lalKitab to some extent.

In Tajik system : Reference Tajik Nilkanthi chapter 2nd sloke 9-13 (Dristi phal adhaya)

1) Any planet aspects 5,9 (trines) from other planet is called friendly aspect (Pratyaksh sneh dristi) and lalkitab also says similar aspect which is 1-5 and 9-1.

2) Any planet aspects 3,11 from other planet is called secret friendly aspect (Gupt sneh dristi).
Whereas in lalkitab11-1, 1-3 is called ‘Achanak chot’. Here ‘chot’ means wounded is like a Heart Break. (It means that some secret friendly relation was there.)

3) Any planet aspect 1,7 from other planet is called direct enemy aspect (Prayaksh Ver dirsti)
but in Lal-kitab this aspect is not mentioned.

4) Any planet aspect 4,10 from other planet is Secret enemy aspect (Gupt ver dristi).
In lalkitab1-4, 10-1 is termed as Dhoka dristi. ‘Cheating’ is always done by secret enemy, something like ‘Vibhisan’ to ‘Ravan’ in Ramayan.

5) Other aspect like 2,12,6,8, is called ‘Udhasin’ or NO aspect in Tajik, here it means that planets will have no affairs, to the other planets in 2,12,6,8 aspect.

It can have two meaning :
a) does not want to help (6,8) due to serious difference in thoughts and action.
b) not in position to help as they themself are dependent (2,12).

Whereas in lalkitab1-8, 6-1 is called ‘Takrav ki dristi”, means that these planet will bring obstacles or inimical to each other.

Both lalkitab and Tajik system is based on yearly progression concept but in different way.
Traditional aspect of planets are same in lalkitab.Gemini Rasi dristi (sign aspect) is not at all touched in lalkitab, so i am not discussing here.

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